2020 Walk-A-Thon

September 25, 2020

Timothy’s 4th annual Walk-a-Thon is Friday, September 25th.

This year looks a little bit different, but our goals are the same—to help our school grow and prosper!

This year, our goals are to purchase items that will help our school environment.  These items include SmartBoards and projectors for four classrooms, and a canopy and fence for the school-age playground, which will be coming in early October!  All of these items together will be about $24, 600.  Get ready!

There are two ways for your student to raise funds for the

  • Use the pledge sheet that was sent home with your child.
  • Collect donations online.

Feel free to ask family members, neighbors, and friends if they would support your child as they walk to grow our school.  We will keep track of the number of laps walked during the Walk-A-Thon. Sponsors may choose to pledge a set amount, regardless of the number of laps walked.

Parent volunteers help make this event possible. We would love for you to join us. Thanks for your support!

NOTE! After you make your online donation, you will be directed to a form where you can provide information giving credit to the Timothy student of your choice. Thanks for supporting Timothy School Ministries