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Support Volunteers: A Christian Perspective of Athletics

These helpers are parents or students who fill an important niche in the practical administration of home games and other areas. Support volunteers are selected, inserviced, and scheduled by the AD. In general their responsibilities include but are not limited to the following items.

  • Serving as a model for the student athletes and other parents by upholding the precepts of the Christian Coaches’ Creed.
  • Being responsible in carrying out the duties that have been assigned.
  • Being punctual for scheduled events or informing the AD of delays or conflicts at the earliest possible time.

Positions Filled by Support Volunteers

  • Scorebook Keepers – trained to keep the basketball and/or volleyball scorebooks.
  • Line Judges – assist in observing out of play balls in soccer and volleyball.
  • Gatekeepers – sell tickets and control entry into events.
  • Hall Monitors – supervise, control, and direct crowds during events.