Support Timothy Lutheran School with Scrip!

It is a great way for everyone to support our schools with their everyday purchases—nothing extra to buy! Just create an account and purchase gift cards to hundreds of retailers. Check retailers often as many are being added all of the time.


Our Timothy Lutheran School Ministries’ enrollment code is:


Benefits of using Scrip:

  • There is no additional cost to the purchaser.
  • Retailers donate a percentage of the purchase to our school.
  • A list of retailers is on the website.
  • Periodically, the retailers will offer additional contributions.

Our school ministry places a Scrip order monthly throughout the year on the 5th of each month.

ONLINE OPTIONS: Scrip offers reloadable and ScripNow! options making  it simple to purchase immediately for online orders, gifts or reloading a current card. The orders come directly to your email with a printable giftcard! Just sign up for PrestoPay (similar to PayPal) on their site. This is also a great way for out of town family and friends to support our school—cards purchased directly don’t have to be delivered!

Scrip is becoming our most promising method of fundraising for our school. We began using Script as a fundraiser in the fall of 2011. Many of our families use this program as part of their budgeting plan and it is also great for gifts.