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Timothy Lutheran Early Childhood Center Staff

Patty Koogler
Patty KooglerAdministrator of Early Childhood Ministries
Carrie Keating
Carrie KeatingAdministrative Assistant of Early Childhood Services

Early Childhood Center Teachers

Julie Risalvato
Julie Risalvato4's Pre K
Sheri Willich
Sheri Willich4's Pre K
Mel Wood
Mel Wood4's Pre K
Beverly Anderson
Beverly Anderson4's Pre K
Phyllis Westerman
Phyllis Westerman4's Pre K
Lana Synder
Lana Synder4's Pre K
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Anita Seever
Anita Seever3's Preschool
Irene Hicks
Irene Hicks3's Preschool
Melissa Madrigal Jones
Melissa Madrigal Jones3's
Traci Rinehart
Traci Rinehart2's Preschool
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Dana Purvis
Dana Purvis2's Preschool
Connie Hilden
Connie Hilden2's Preschool
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Susan Rynearson
Susan RynearsonToddler
Tiffany Hudspath
Tiffany HudspathToddler
Caitlin Young
Caitlin YoungToddler
Andrea Groh
Andrea GrohInfant
Ashley Thompson
Ashley ThompsonInfant
Brittany Smith
Brittany SmithInfant
Kaleigh Madrigal
Kaleigh MadrigalInfant
Anndrea Perrill
Anndrea PerrillInfant
Shirley Keineka
Shirley KeinekaOpener / Infant
Lori Young
Lori YoungOpener
Kelly Jennings
Kelly JenningsCook
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Mercedes Gonzalez
Mercedes Gonzalez Substitute
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Paula Harris
Paula HarrisSubstitute
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